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Can’t watch movies if you haven’t been vaccinated in France

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PARIS: Any resident of France who wants to watch a movie or ride a train will have to show proof they have received a vaccine injection or a negative Covid-19 test result.

The latest move was announced by French President Emmanuel Macron yesterday as the country recorded an increase in cases of coronavirus infection.

He said medical staff would also be required to receive two vaccinations and the government’s focus at this time was to emphasize restrictions on the unvaccinated population.

“We need to give vaccinations to all the people of France because that is the only way we can return to the life we ​​missed before,” he said in a speech broadcast live on television.

Macron explained that the unvaccinated population will face strict restrictions, especially for entering business premises and public transport including flights.

French Health Minister Olivier Veran said medical staff who refused to be vaccinated by September 15 would not be allowed to work and be paid.

“By September 15, all medical staff nationwide will have to receive a complete vaccine,” he said.

France became one of the first European countries too must all its medical staff to take the Covid-19 vaccine injection.

On average, France gives more than 400,000 first-dose vaccine injections per day to the population, but that number has dropped to 165,000 injections now.

About 53.1 percent of the country’s population has already received the first dose and 40.6 percent have received a complete vaccination, yet that rate is not enough to stop the spread of the Delta variant. – REUTERS

SOURCE: Utusan Malaysia