Family of Taman Melawati helicopter crash first discovered about the horrific news from social media

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Family members of Mohd Irfan Fikri Mohamed Rawi, one of those killed in a helicopter crash in Taman Melawati today, said they found out about the tragedy through photographs circulating on the social media.

Irfan Fikri’s elder brother, Dr Mohd Izani, 48, said family members were also able to identify him from the watch they saw in the one of the viral photos on WhatsApp.

“I recognised his hand and the watch he was wearing when I saw the viral photos around noon…we can also recognised the blue helicopter that he often used.

“Two to three days before the trip, he had also informed us about the trip. Hence, I am convinced the man in the photo was my brother,” he said when met at the National Forensic Medical Institute, here, today.

Izani said his brother would fly the helicopter once a week.

“He’s a businessman and flying helicopter was his hobby. He had showed us his pilot licence before this,” the Kelantanese man said.

He added that the blue helicopter that crashed was one of his brother’s favourites.

Source: NST

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