Govt Assures No Extreme Price Hikes This Year – Salahuddin

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KUALA LUMPUR – The government has given assurance that the prices of essential goods, especially subsidised items, will not see an extreme rise this year.

Minister of Domestic Trade and Cost of Living Datuk Seri Salahuddin Ayub said this includes the prices of controlled items such as sugar and non-controlled items like bottled cooking oil, which are constantly monitored by the ministry.

“KPDN (Ministry of Domestic Trade and Cost of Living) has the responsibility to monitor the prices of essential goods for the people on a daily basis, and so far, our observations have shown that the prices of subsidised items like eggs, chicken, RON 95 petrol, and diesel have never gone up and are unlikely to go up.

“Subsidised cooking oil in packets is still being priced at RM2.50. Similarly, the price of bottled cooking oil has also seen no increase. In fact, some are selling lower than the ceiling price,” he told reporters after checking out the prices of goods at a hypermarket here today.

Salahuddin said KPDN has not received any complaints regarding the prices of consumer goods so far, hence refuting claims from several parties about price hikes.

However, Salahuddin urged the public to report to KPDN if they encounter any price hikes involving essential goods in supermarkets or grocery stores.

“Report it directly to the KPDN and we will take immediate action,” he said, while also advising the public not to be easily influenced by any of the opposition’s claims in view of the upcoming state elections.

On the media reports about a projected 20 per cent increase in the prices of goods in October, Salahuddin said the ministry is aware of the matter and will continue monitoring the situation, especially the prices of staples.

The 20 per cent increase was projected due to two main factors; import inflation and the rising cost of business operations in Malaysia.