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Honk for ketupat! 22-year-old Malaysian sells ketupat palas and chicken rendang to save up for nuptials

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Love is like ‘ketupat palas’ and ‘rendang’ — one would be incomplete without the other.

For 22-year-old Muhammad Zul Iqbal Md Zainulfudi, the local delights are what’s helping him to prepare for his big day to tie the knot.

“I started this business two weeks ago with a RM100 budget because that’s all I had at that time.

“I’m still saving up money and I will only get married once this business provides for a steady income, because marriage is not a small matter with its responsibilities.”

Zul’s business caught the eye of Twitter users, for one of the ways those interested can purchase his offerings.

A cardboard sign fixed to the back to the back of his motorcycle reads, “Honk if you want to buy ketupat palas and chicken rendang.”

“No matter how loud you honk, I won’t get mad,” Zul said in his tweet.

In one of the images posted in his tweet, Zul shared a photo of one of his customers. 

“The uncle in the picture is a very special customer because he’s the only one who honked at me to buy my ketupat palas and rendang ayam,” he said.

Zul told mStar that although the ketupat palas and chicken rendang is usually only available during Hari Raya, there are many who want a taste of the delicacy ‘off season’ as well.

He said he usually receives orders from pregnant wives looking to satisfy their cravings.

“I received an order from a woman in Ampang, whose husband told me that his pregnant wife was craving ketupat and chicken rendang.

“Another husband bought my ketupat palas and chicken rendang in Shah Alam for his pregnant wife in Cheras.”

From weaving the ketupat and making the chicken rendang, to actual deliveries, Zul does it all — with help from his mother, his future wife and his friends.

He was taught by his parents on how to weave the ketupat while he was still in primary school, usually making them during the Raya season. 

He prepares about 25 sets of orders per day and delivers it to areas in Kuala Lumpur, Cheras and Kajang.

Zul said if the cardboard sign is displayed, it means that his offerings are still available.

“So, if you’ve come across me and want to buy some ketupat palas and chicken rendang, feel free to honk.”

For more information on Zul’s ketupat palas and chicken rendang please click here.

SOURCE : malaymail