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January 2020 Recap

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2020 is just started but there are many alarming, eye-opener and heart-breaking incidents happen across the globe. January feels dramatic and longer than ever. The natural phenomenon, World War 3 threats, outbreaks, and world saying goodbye to legend. All of these trigger people and make them worried about the upcoming months in 2020.

Natural Phenomenon.

Australia Wildfire

According to the report, this fire is the worst in the decade in which it started in July 2019 and continue till January 2020. It burned a thousand oh houses and wild animals. Many pictures shared by the citizens on social media show wildlife such as koala gasping for help due to the thirst from people along the road.

Source: Aljazeera

Kangaroo ran from the burning house. (source: New York Times)

Indonesia Flashflood

Even though this natural disaster does not get covered by the whole world yet we can’t deny it is one of the worst floods that occur in Indonesia. more than 1,300 homes have been heavily damaged, and 74 districts across Greater Jakarta flooded and as per the report, this downpour affected 17, 200 people across 12 villages in Jakarta. Climate change surely gives a warning to the world.

World War 3 Threat

The relationship between Iran-US get into worst after Major General Qassem Soleimani got killed near Baghdad International on January 3, 2020, by U.S drone. The attack has likely targeted the leader of the country and burns the whole nation as Iran unveiled a red flag at the mosque as a warning more severe battle to come.

Source: BBC

Coronavirus Outbreak
The new strain in Coronavirus which is called Novel Coronavirus (N-CoV) electrifies the whole world. This outbreak started from Wuhan China contagious to more than seven countries in the world including Singapore, the United States, Thailand, Vietnam, and Malaysia too. As per the report, there are more than 1370 cases recorded and 170 are death.

Goodbye the Legend

Kobe Bryant, the former Los Angeles Lakers superstar and one of the greatest players in National Basketball Association history, died in a helicopter crash on 26th January 2020. Along with him was his 13 years old daughter, Gigi Bryant. The crash also killed 7 more passengers on his way to Lakers Lake. In honour of Kobe, many of his fans show the last respect to this legend by putting flowers in front of his pictures. Indeed, he will be remembered in the basketball arena around the world.

Kobe and Gigi Bryant died in a helicopter crash.

The world needs our prayers as January 2020 teaches us to love ourselves due to Corona Virus, love our family in which we do not know when we are going to lose them like Kobe and Gigi Bryant. Indeed, the threat of World War III alarms us to love others and instill humanity inside us and not to forget love our nature so that the next generation can still embrace this greenery scenery.

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