Mee Champa (Mee Sup Melayu Champa) : Unforgettable Taste from Cambodia to Terengganu



By: Naema Rashid

The pioneer of Mee Champa Mr. Hassan bin Omar found nowadays people are looking for ‘viral’ food thus grab the chance to open a restaurant that served traditional local dishes from his hometown Champ, Cambodia. Hence, Mee Champa opens since September 2019, located at Padang Midin, Terengganu around 15 minutes from the town, Kuala Terengganu. This restaurant landmark is in front of Wataniah Camp, Padang Midin.


Photo 1: The signature dish, Mee Champa

Mee Champa Restaurant focuses on traditional dishes among the Champs for their breakfast and lunch. The signature dish is Mee Champa in which the noodle is imported straight away from Cambodia and indeed texture and taste of the noodles differ from the locals. Meanwhile, this mouth-watering dish comes from the tasty thick broth self-made by Mr. Hassan and his wife for hours and their special ingredients are secret indeed. Customers can choose to eat the noodles with chicken and beef slices, beef intestines or the bizarre ones is the lower part of the shank.

Photo 2: Bubur Nasi

Other menus that are popular among the customers are Mee Kari and Nasi Bubur by which it is served along with the pickled radish and ‘Kuey Tiaw’. Mee Champa introduces a new hot menu Chicken Rice or known as Nasi Ayam Cham. For sure people come for its different taste of the sauce coated on the tender roasted chicken. People can mix the side dish based on their preference, price is affordable in the range is from RM 6.00 until RM 10.00.

Photo 3: Nasi Ayam Cham the latest menu

Mee Champa is opened on Saturday until Thursday from 9.00 A.M till 5.00 P.M. Those who are interested to try these hot menus can visit their Facebook page Mee Champa Padang Midin or just click on the video below.


Waktu Operasi 9.00 pagi hingga 5.00 petang setiap hari kecuali Jumaat.Lokasi melalui Google Maps :

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