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Mother of thalassaemia patient seeks public blood donation for son

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 A mother is seeking help from the public with “O positive R1R1 JKA” blood type to donate blood to help her child who suffers from thalassemia major. 

Selly Onong, 41, said blood transfusions for her eldest son Neowell Van Houttan, 20, have been disrupted due to the shortage of blood during the Covid-19 pandemic.

“My child has to undergo blood transfusions every month and the last time he went for a transfusion was on Jan 19. 

“According to the schedule, he was supposed to have his next blood transfusion on Feb 5 but was delayed as it is difficult to find the matching blood type.

“I was also informed there is a shortage of blood this time and we have to wait for supply from the National Blood Bank in Kuala Lumpur,” she said when contacted, adding that her son would suffer from swelling and rashes if he did not get the right type of blood. 

The mother of three added that Neowell was diagnosed with having thalassaemia major since he was 4. 

She said those who come forward to donate blood would not only be able to help Neowell but also others who have thalassaemia and were in need of transfusion. 

“Donors who wish to donate can specify my child’s name Neowell Van Houttan at the Queen Elizabeth hospital or contact me directly at 014 7357915.”