Sultan of Kelantan urges unvaccinated locals to get vaccinated as soon as possible

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Sultan of Kelantan Sultan Muhammad V has expressed his disappointment that Kelantan is among the states with the lowest percentage of vaccinated individuals, at 50 per cent.

Therefore, he urged locals who have yet to get vaccinated to register themselves for the vaccination or get inoculated via walk-in at vaccination centres (PPV) in the state.

“I would like to urge the people to get themselves vaccinated so that Kelantan can achieve herd immunity or 80 per cent vaccination rate on Sept 30 as targeted.

“I also welcome the announcement made by Health Minister Khairy Jamaluddin on the 1.2 million extra vaccine doses to speed up the vaccination process in the state,” he said in a statement tonight.

Sultan Muhammad said he hoped that the people of Kelantan people would get themselves vaccinated as soon as possible to protect themselves as well as their families from being infected by Covid-19.

“Taking the vaccine is an individual’s responsibility to oneself, family and society.

“The resolution of Fatwa Committee Muzakarah of the 10th National Council for Islamic Religious Affairs (MKI) has agreed that the use of Covid-19 vaccine must be taken by those designated by the government,” said the Ruler.

With the Covid-19 cases in the state remaining at four digits, Sultan Muhammad has urged all quarters to extend the outreach programmes to all corners of the state especially in rural and interior areas so that locals would be confident in the effectiveness of the vaccine.

He also hoped the people of Kelantan would get vaccinated immediately so that the state would not be left behind in achieving herd immunity.

“If we achieve herd immunity, hospitals will no longer be overburdened. Treatment for other patients also will not be affected,” he added.

Sultan Muhammad also thanked all parties involved in the vaccination programme, including the volunteers.

“I greatly appreciate the services provided by the state health department staff who have borne a heavy responsibility in treating and rescuing Covid-19 patients since last year,” he said.