Malaysia Records Increase Of 71.7 Per Cent In Air Passenger Traffic

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KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysia has recorded an increase of 71.7 per cent year-on-year growth of air passenger traffic as compared to the previous year, Transport Minister Anthony Loke said.

He said that as of September, a total of 62.83 million air passengers had gone through the country’s airports.

“Last month alone we recorded 7.17 million passengers. It was almost evenly split with 3.85 million passengers in domestic and 3.3 million international passengers.

“This is of course very important for development and growth not only to the aviation sector but also to the nation’s economy as the presence of tourists from abroad will be a major catalyst in terms of economic growth where it will also positively impact the service, hospitality, and retail sectors.”

Loke added that with the growth, it is expected that the air passenger traffic will go back to pre Covid-19 numbers of around 100 million passengers a year.

He also added that his ministry will do its best to ensure that the number of air passengers coming into the country continues to soar by allowing improved connectivity with other countries.

“Currently Malaysia’s airport connectivity index ranks fourth behind the Philippines, Thailand and Singapore.

“We want to add connectivity to the outside world as we are still behind in terms of connectivity in Asia.

“At the Asean level, we are still not the highest and that we are trying to make sure that we continue to be in a position that is more both at the Asean level,” he said.

Loke had earlier chaired the National Aviation Consultative Council meeting, a platform for aviation industry players and stakeholders to collaborate in creating a conducive environment as well as improving the industry’s service and operations.