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Mother comes first : Uncle Kentang helps out hungry college student who uses allowance to support mother in hometown

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Mother comes first for a vocational college student who was willing to go hungry so as to be able to send his allowance to his mother back in Permatang Pauh, Penang.

The hungry youngster who couldn’t hold off his hunger any longer requested for food aid from local philanthropist, Uncle Kentang or his real name Kuan Chee Heng.

Uncle Kentang shared the student’s story on his Facebook page.

“A kid from Permatang Pauh who’s willingly stayed hungry just to put his mom first.”

“What a great Malay kid who’s currently studying in a vocational college in Semenyih,” he wrote in the post.

He said the student who usually receives a RM400 allowance monthly from his college, would send home RM300 and attempt to survive with RM100 for the whole month.

“He said that his mother back at home needed it more.

“I salute this kind of kid.

“May you be successful in the hereafter.”

“You and your friends are smart to request aid from us,” Uncle Kentang wrote in the post.

In the post, the student is seen receiving food aid courtesy of Uncle Kentang.

Uncle Kentang’s post has received more than 6,000 likes and has been shared over 200 times on Facebook.

Facebook users can be seen applauding the student efforts while other users can be seen offering themselves to help the student as well.

“May you become a successful person in the future,” user Ahmad Mokhzan commented.

“Can you give the student’s details for those who want to help him out,” said user Dahari Jebat.

“Would you mind sharing his account number, I don’t have much, but I would love to help him,” user Suhaimi Salam offered in the comment section.